lampedusaReview by Mark Spano

Tennessee Williams, not himself a Sicilian but a man who loved one, wrote in an essay introducing his play about Sicilians, “Snatching the eternal out the desperately fleeting is the great magic trick of human existence.” We humans, Sicilian or not, desire to create such time-stopping magic tricks as some form of an answer to the riddle of death. Lampedusa, a new novel by Canadian poet and novelist Steven Price is such a magic trick. Price, who works in both verse and prose, creates a story in a prose style that is imbued throughout with the gifts of a poet. With this combination of gifts, the author has offered us a book of rare elegance.

Lampedusa is a historical novel that tells of the last days and reminisces of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa author of the internationally-recognized Sicilian novel The Leopard. This is a book that many of us know well. When I began reading Lampedusa, I asked myself if it was possible to write a novel about the writing of a novel? It seems one is, and Steven Price has…

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