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a-feast-of-narrative-google-search-2020-08-20-15-54-09What: Two short stories by Mark Spano, derived from his longer work entitled Kidding the Moon, will be included in a very special publication.

When: Late 2020

WhereA Feast of Narrative, a fiction anthology published by Idea Press that showcases the richness of styles and creativity by Italian-American writers. Edited by Tiziano Thomas Dossena.


What: Book Review – Mark’s review of Freud’s Haberdashery Habit & other Stories by Mike Fiorito.

When: September 2020 edition

Where: Ovunque Siamo – New Italian-American Writing

mi.o-modern-italian-network-2020-08-20-15-25-57What: Live Chat – Mark discusses his film, “Sicily: Land of Love & Strife,” and the companion book, Sicily: Land of Love & Strife – A Filmmaker’s Journey, with host Gina Andracchio on mi.o Modern Italian Network.

When: Thursday, December 6, 6 pm EST

Where: Modern Italian Network  (note: join the network for free to hear the chat. At the link, click on “Request To Join.”)

downloadWhat: “Sicily: Land of Love & Strife” makes its PBS debut

When: Monday, December 10, 8 and 9 pm EST

Where: KCPT TV, Kansas City, MO’s PBS member station – channels 18 and 19.


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