Short Works at a Glance




by Mark Spano

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A Feast of Narrative 2: An Anthology of Short Stories by Italian American Writers:

“The Presence of the Dead”

Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal, pages 62-64:

“Mardi Gras with Greg”

Ovunque Siamo – New Italian-American Writing:

Veronica’s Veil, part 1

Niveous, page 25:

“Vitia in My Gaze”

Chaleur Magazine:


Long Island Literary Journal:

  1. “Marty’s House”
  2. “Falling in Love with Straight Guys”

Ovunque Siamo – New Italian-American Writing

Excerpts from Kidding The Moon


Times of Sicily: 

  1. Three installments from Sicily: Land of Love and Strife, A Filmmakers Journey (formerly The Sicilians)

           “The Beginning”

           “Lost in Emigration”

           “My Other Sicilian Family”

2 Back to Basics in Basicò

BOOK REVIEWS by Mark Spano

  1. Italy to the North End: Photographs, 1972–1982 by Anthony V. Riccio
  2. The Hunger Saint by Olivia Kate Cerrone
  3. Birds of Sicily Poems by Michelle Reale
  4. The King of Love and Other Fairy Tales – a selection of Giuseppe Pitre’s Sicilian collected fairy tales   
  5. My Three Sicilies: Stories, Poems, and Histories by Joseph A. Amato
  6. The Color Inside a Melon by John Domini. Plus: Mark interviews the author.
  7. Lampedusa by Steven Price
  8. Towers of Aging by Joseph A. Amato
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