Buffalo Showing Promo

The Italian Cultural Center of Buffalo (ICCB), the Federation of Italian-American Societies of Western New York (FASWNY), and the Per Niente Club of Buffalo are bringing the film “Sicily: Land of Love & Strife” to Buffalo’s North Park Theatre, 1428 Hertel Avenue, for one show only on Monday, June 25th, at 7 p.m.

Written, produced, and directed by Mark Spano, the feature-length documentary introduces viewers to the many facets of the island nation that are relatively unknown to the public – the natural beauty, epic human struggle, depth and diversity of culture, philosophic insights, and historic places.

Siculophile Angelo Coniglio of Buffalo, a genealogist specializing in Sicilian heritage and the author of columns and books set in Sicily, offers, “I’ve been interested in and I’ve supported this project since I first discovered Spano’s plans several years ago. To see it come to fruition with such stunning beauty and to have a premiere in my hometown of Buffalo is very rewarding.

Buffalo Poster
Buffalo’s promotional poster for the screening

“The customs, colors, and sounds of both ‘old’ and modern Sicily are vividly brought to life by this film,” he adds. “If you’ve never been to Sicily, the film will invite you to visit. If you have already been there, then ‘Land of Love & Strife will haunt you.”

Mark Spano is the son of Sicilian immigrants (he holds dual citizenship) and he calls Chapel Hill, North Carolina home. Yet for five years, he spent a huge chunk of his time in his family’s homeland as he worked diligently on the documentary.

“Little has been produced about the cultural or historic relevance of Sicily,” he explains. “The most invaded place on earth, Sicily rivals Greece and Egypt as a primary source for Western ideas. Yet fewer places on the planet compare to Sicily as a place of wonder and intrigue.

“But for crime, Sicily has gone unexplored,” he continues. “The island’s association with the Mafia, so deeply entrenched in popular consciousness, has obscured more rounded and accurate depictions of its history and culture.”

Until now. Spano hopes his film will begin to change the public’s perception of Sicily and Sicilian people. (Click here to view the documentary’s trailer.)

All seats to the Buffalo screening are $15. Advance tickets are available from North Park Theatre at www.northparktheatre.org. For more information, call the theatre at 716-836-7411.

For more information on “Sicily: Land of Love & Strife” and filmmaker Mark Spano, visit markspano.wordpress.com.