The new documentary celebrating Sicily will be part of UNICO KC’s presentation.

 Unico-Logo“Sicily, Land of Love & Strife,” a new, feature-length documentary that takes viewers on a journey of the island nation’s natural beauty, epic human struggle, depth and diversity of culture, philosophic insights, and historic sites, will be part of Kansas City’s upcoming Festa Italiana, June 1 – 3, at the Zona Rosa Town Center.

After the U.S. premiere of the documentary sold out in Kansas City’s Screenland Armour theater in April, premiere sponsor UNICO KC invited filmmaker Mark Spano to join Festa Italiana, where he will have a booth offering DVDs of the film.

UNICO is the largest Italian-American non-profit service organization in the United State

Mark Spano is the son of Sicilian immigrants (he holds dual citizenship) and a native of Kansas City. For five years, he worked diligently on his documentary because “little has been produced about the cultural or historic relevance of Sicily,” he explains. “The most invaded place on earth, the three-sided island rivals Greece and Egypt as a primary source for Western ideas. Yet fewer places on the planet compare to Sicily as a place of wonder and intrigue.

“But for crime, Sicily has gone unexplored,” he continues. “The island’s association with the Mafia, so deeply entrenched in popular consciousness, has obscured more rounded and accurate depictions of its history and culture.”

Until now. Spano hopes his film will begin to change the public’s perception of Sicily and Sicilian people. Click here to view the documentary’s trailer.

Along with UNICO KC, the Kansas City chapters of the American Sons of Columbus also sponsored by U.S. premiere in April.

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Festa Italiana
A scene from last year’s Festa Italiana in Kansas City.