NewPinnacleAwardSticker.jpgOne of only two new novels honored in the Mystery category.

Chapel Hill author Mark Spano recent learned that his new mystery novel, Midland Club, received a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award from the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE), one of only two books honored for Winter 2017 in the Mystery category.

As an award-winner, Midland Club will be featured in Book Dealers World magazine and in upcoming NABE Book Showcase trade show exhibits.

The NABE’s award follows critical acclaim the 120-page novel has continued to receive since it first appeared in December 2016. One critic has described the book as “a small jewel…melancholic, lyric, flawlessly smooth and realistic… an excellent piece of gay fiction of exceptional quality.” Another called it “a dark and cynical tale that reads like a film noir classic,” adding: “The beauty of Midland Club is the telling of the tale, rather than the answer to the mystery…There’s a bit of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil amidst the melancholy and I highly recommend this book.”

COVER ART_smallAmong the many positive comments Midland Club has received on Amazon, one reader suggests, “This book is more than just a murder mystery. It speaks to the human condition.”

Set in 1958 in a Midwestern town, Midland Club’s story swirls around corruption, lies, and murder. The protagonist, Rich St. Pierre, is compelled to expose the truth about a friend’s death knowing he’s risking his own life in the process. The protagonist is a gay white man and a member of a highly respected family. The deceased is a gay black man.

Midland Club is available on Amazon in paperback and as a Kindle edition. Review copies are available by emailing publicist Kim Weiss of Blueplate PR: