Film & Video Samples


Trailer: “Sicily: Land of Love and Strife,” by Mark Spano

On the Tracks of Progress, by Mark Spano

Award-winning interviewer and Henderson, NC, native Charlie Rose narrates a nostalgic look at North Carolina and how rail travel changed the state. A documentary film for Preservation North Carolina and the UNC Center for Public Television.

Far Fetched and Dear Bought, by Mark Spano

This documentary takes a look at the legacies of four North Carolina architects and how they changed the state’s built environment.

Carolina Countryside, by Mark Spano

This weekly public television magazine series took a closer look at rural life in North Carolina. After airing across North Carolina, Discovery Home and Leisure picked up the series for national broadcast.

Rural Advancement Foundation, International (RAFI), by Mark Spano

A pilot cost-share initiative is successfully moving farmers out of tobacco production and into other agricultural business opportunities.

Mallarmé Chamber Players Youth Creativity Program, by Mark Spano

This short video is an introduction to a program that the chamber group took to high schools to foster creativity among young people.

One thought on “Film & Video Samples

  1. Having recently returned from a wonderful first trip to Sicily I sought and located a digital version of your wonderful film on Sicily. Is there a chance I could get a copy on DVD so that I could more easily share the film with local aficionados of Italy ???


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